Mr. Giuseppe Visenzi established GIVI 30 years ago. A talented rider, he distinguished himself in a series of motorcycle races in the sixties, winning third place in the World Championship for 350cc in 1969. After leaving the race world, his passion for motorcycles, together with his determination led him to commit himself in the planning and realization of motorcycle accessories establishing the Company GIVI, which in a very short time has become one of the most important and competitive producers of motorcycle accessories, nationally and worldwide. It has now become a leading company in the sector of motorcycle accessories.
GIVI, whose production facilities and head quarter are located in Flero, in the industrial heartland of Brescia, is now able to offer its products in more than 85 Countries, with direct commercial branches in Austria, France, Germany, UK, Spain, USA, China and Indonesia. To this GIVI as established production facility in the various continents, which added to the main facility of 35000 sq meters in Italy, can now count in production facility in Brazil, Malaysia, China, Tunisia and Vietnam.
This initial production was just engine guards, then came the special rack, and in a combination with these cases was born. In this way, the 70’s, produced items and concepts still appreciated year after year, a reference point for the sector, at first in Europe and then all over the world
GIVI VIETNAM Co. ltd was born in year 2009. The 4th manufacturing plant opened at Long An Province to fully develop a comprehensive sewing department. A brand new challenging production area of 10,000sm, it consists of an Assemble department, Plastic department, Metal Department, and the most importantly, the Sewing department, as a new extension and development of GIVI Interest, including the manufacturing of waterproofs motorcycle clothing and soft luggage, which are currently exported to over 70 different countries.