Dear employee and colleague,

As you know well, GIVI Vietnam has put in place, within the factory, all the safety regulations established by the government, including the next vaccination of all employees, as soon as the government will give its availability.

Every one of us has a duty to keep himself safely and the people around us at this critical moment.

Staying at home, does not make us immune from the contagion if we do not use some simple safety rules.

This virus can be conveyed by infected surfaces, on the clothes, on the food, especially on plastic and metal surfaces… it will be washed and sterilized with alcohol before use it.

The mask must not be touched with your hands and above all you will only have to use it once.

Wash your hands often with disinfectant, never touch your eyes and your mouth if you have touched not disinfected surfaces.

The clothes must be changed often and washed and always respects the safety distance with other people.

It is absolutely important to understand and follow these rules to prevent the contagion that can also happen through contact with surfaces, rather than through people.

If we all follow these precautions we could quiet and safe in every place, at home as at the factory.

We must not be afraid if we carry out every single operation, both at work and in your private life, with these small precautions.

Fear and worry does not make you immune to the virus.

Be responsible and attentive to follow these safety rules in everything you do, in every gesture that you do, can save your life.

GIVI considers you a very important part of our company, every single employee is precious for us and in accordance with the government rules we will take care of each one of you, both organizing work in total safety and hoping that it is possible to vaccinate all the staff as soon as possible.

GIVI Vietnam keep doing the safety rules either work or home as we did.

We remain united and safely.

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