More effective pandemic bailout actions urged to avoid further trickling support. Our company welcomed the new government provisions requesting the stay-at-work model.Fortunately, with foresight, we had already organized safety standards and prepared both spaces and equipment suitable for allowing our workers to stay at their workplaces by providing meals, personal hygiene facilities, and overnight stay options on site.Nevertheless, operating personnel was drastically reduced to a minimum sufficient to carry out production and guarantee customers’ supplies. The rest of the staff had the opportunity to organize themselves to work remotely and carry out work at any time, so despite everything, this situation has not negatively affected our productivity, our standards, and our ability to maintain supply for the rest of our worldwide partners. Although there is a lot of information on vaccination plans, confusion and concerns remain. We hope that clear and proactive action from the government will prompt quick vaccinations. Many companies in Vietnam, like ours, are resorting to extraordinary measures to stay active and connected to the global market. Thus, we need a vaccination plan covering the entire population quickly, as we risk falling behind the rest of the world with devastating consequences, both economically and socially.

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