Compact and lightweight motorcycle rainsuit



PRS2.0, the Technical evolution ofthe “PRIME” line of GIVI rainsuits. lightness, compactenss , resistence and performance are the technical concept Of this model.

Reduced Seams for added efficienciency and waterproffness under the rain to maximise great resistance and performance.

Water repellent/ waterproof 10.000 column

Minimum flapping for safer and less obstructing and disturbing riding.

The Highlight and predominant theme of this rainsuit is undoubtedly the safety, high visibility, color, reflective inserts, added to the design guarantee the maximum technicality and character needed for safe driving in the rain. Ripstop fabric construction (black parts)

Here is the 2.0 version of PRS born to be like a second skin for every motorcyclist who doesn’t give up riding in the rain.


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