Technically designed motorcycle rainsuit

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G.RAIN a rainsuit not only designed to maintain high resistance performance even in the strongest rain, but also to accentuate and giving a distinct and personal styling.

The technically innovative design and new aesthetic conception, expressed with the absolutely fresh and original use of the applied graphics and lettering, make it a technical piece ofabsolute distinctiveness and great style.

Fabrics with high visibility colors and reflective logos inserts are purposely used in order to add the necessary safety concept, required for poor visibility conditions common problem of the enthusiast motorcyclis which drive under extreme weather conditions.

Design and Constructed with high filament material 10.000 column and Ripstop in order to guarantee maximum and friendly wearability and fitting, and at the same time granting a efficient and long lasting use.

G.RAIN proudly adds to the GIVI G line for a demanding customer who wants the maximum performance and aesthetic result.

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