Travel Maxi Duffle Bag

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Travel Maxi Duffle Bag

Four external pockets, a opening in the upper part and on both sides will make the loading and unloading easier and fast.

A belt system designed to be easily removed and used for different transport options.

A large divider allow to have a inner bag which is fixed in a side opening so that you can hold all that items (shoes, rainproof), which you don’t want to mix with the everyday need.

The Duffle come equipped with a waterproof cover for the rainy days.

The harmonious proportions of GIVI MAXI DUFFLE, its large interior space and the choice of materials, 600D polyester and leather inserts, with rainforcements in the corners and non-slip bottom, make this product a top of the range, suitable to be loaded on the motorbike but also to be an elegant airport luggage or for in general with everything you need.

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